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Where do I start?

I have all the video files, audio files, ebooks, software - but where do I start?

I'm using an iPad but if I'm using it to play the videos do I need to print the books so I can use both at the same time?

I'd love to hear how you set yourselves up with the lessons.

Thanks in advance

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How do I get av files?
Hi Glynn, all the Audio and Video files are available from the Rocket Piano members area. If you continue having problems or questions please send a support ticket to:


I paid for the course with paypal and can not figure out how to download the files. can you help me with this?

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Hi Joshua,

I am pretty sure I have replied to your email. If you continue with problems please send us an email to:


I want to purchase the full version, my country Zambia is not listed on clickbank. Guide me on way forward.

Waiting to hear from you.


Hi Christopher,

Please send us an email to: so we can discuss another payment option for you.

All the best!


I don't know how to get started. I just barely got in tonight after purchasing this back in Apri or March, now what do I do?


I have the same problem.

Paypal paid my money on 7 Nov and I was expecting an email telling me what to do.

Apparently I am supposed to go to the members area. How? Where?

It has been close to a year and I never have been able to use this product or got a response back please someone help me.

 Hi Abney!
Did you send an email to
If you have but have received no response from us, very sorry about that... our support system has been a bit funny in the last couple of weeks. Please forward us your email so we can happily help you!


I bought this course many months ago and was never able to log in to use it at all. I sent emails and still have never gotten anything for my money. Please help.



Still waiting a year later to get something for my money. I have never gotten to use the course or get into it. this is shameful to just take an old lady money when I only get disability, minimal amount


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