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i cannot log in to rocket piano

I joined yesterday. now I cannot login. I know I entered the right details(many times) So I asked fro a new password and that did not work, This is great start....not. I have been very careful in my input,It seems that my money has been taken under false pretences, HELP!

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I just managed to change my password but I still cannot log on


Joined today down loaded and opened lessons,than logout.Now won't let me log in,says wrong email or pass word.Now what?


 Just purchased today down loaded and opened lesson.Logged out,now won't let me log in,says wrong email or pass what

every time I try to use it my logon does not work and i have to select to change password. I can then log in using that password until next time. Then it starts all over again. 

That is very strange Val and Rick. If you are still experiencing this issue, can you please email me your current login details to


I purchased Rocket Piano and the Gold upgrade today.  I managed to download some of the course but now I can't log in to my account again to download the rest.  I have to admit I didn't change my password from the temporary one so asked to re-set, I haven't received the re-set email yet.


@Tina Anstee. Solved.
Responded via Email and fixed this account problem. Thanks for your patience Tina.


Hi. I purchased rocket piano course a year back and downloaded some courses. Now that I've more free time from work I was hoping to download the rest of the course however I'm unable to log in this time around. Wanted to reset the password but it's saying that my email is not correct even though it is. I sell have the receipt in that email so I'm sure the email I used was correct. Cam anyone help?
Hi Joseph,

I just sent you an email with your login details. Please check your inbox and let me know if you recieved it.



Hi, I can not login, member page is just blank.

I have bought the gold upgrade, and would like to download my content.

where is the login page-I can't find it?

Why don't you have a have a login sequence on the home page of your website?
i paid for the course but have not rec'd an email to log in.  only to log into support area  how do i log into member area?


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