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i cannot log in to rocket piano

I joined yesterday. now I cannot login. I know I entered the right details(many times) So I asked fro a new password and that did not work, This is great start....not. I have been very careful in my input,It seems that my money has been taken under false pretences, HELP!

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Purchased this course 3 days ago - can't log in - what a way to start - not happy!!!!!
I paid for two products,  Rocket Piano download, and Rocket Piano Gold Upgrade.

I know I paid for the two of them because I received confirmation both from CLKBANK and Pay Pal.

I still can't log in.

I can't log in even though I requested that my password be reset on more than one occasion.

I then submitted a ticket to complain, but I did not receive any reply.

I am not satisfied with this level of service and I am considering asking for a refund.


Still can't login with new password

Dear LUIS TOVAR....I have exactly the same problem as  JOSEPH BARACHINA had.  Can you please resend me the link.  I have registered it as a problem on this forum too.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Heather Burrell

Have the same problem here :D :/ i bought RP download yesterday, but I cannot log in, or do anything else, I want my goods, or my money back, what should I do?

Thanks for help.

Martin Hanák

I have same problem. I can not login. I have written many emails about my login problem but no one is replying to me. I am very disappointed. I won't recommend anyone to buy this course. There is no support after you buy this. Don't waste your money.

i just bought this course and i cannot even access the link to download. someone please help!

I've changed my last name, moved & changed my email address. I can access the site using the old email address (which is no longer valid) but how do I update all my member information please & thanks? 

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