My son is 8 years old. Will this course work for him?

Our Rocket Piano course have been developed with the idea that children as young as 8 years can start learning to play the piano. The layout and design of the course gives people of all ages an easy way to learn music and the piano without being overwhelmed. We do recommend that a parent assist with younger learners to get the most of these courses.

Do I need any prior musical knowledge?

Our courses are designed with beginners in mind. Whether you are just starting out on an instrument, or returning after some time away, these courses are for you. As such they require no prior musical knowledge or skill. Our step-by-step lessons allow users to work through the lessons at THEIR pace and progress to an advanced level of music tuition. The interactive software not only speeds up learning, but makes it fun as well.

What if the course isn't working for ME?

We offer a FULL 60 day money back guarantee (from date of purchase). Just drop us a line and we will get your refund under way. To help improve the course, we would appreciate your feedback as to why the course hasn't worked for you and what YOU would find helpful.