If you are receiving a File access error, "Win32 application error" or the message "This self extracting file has been corrupted" or "This file is damaged and cannot be opened" this is due to the file not fully  downloading which is sometimes affected by your internet speed.

You will need to remove the file you were downloading from your computer before downloading it again. To remove the partially downloaded file please do one of the following, depending on your browser:

Firefox: Tools/Options/Privacy/Cache - clear cache now

Internet Explorer 6: Tools/Internet Options/Temporary files - then hit delete.

Internet Explorer 7: Tools/Internet Options/General/Browsing History - Delete/Temporary Internet files - then hit delete.

This will delete all the partially downloaded files from your computer and allow you to download that file again. Head back to the member's area and hit refresh when it loads up, RIGHT CLICK on the file you want to download and select "save target as" or "save linked file", depending on your browser. Choose a place you will remember to save it and hit save. Watch and make sure it downloads 100%. If it stops part way through then it means that the partially downloaded file wasn't completely removed from your computer. Click again on the Tools menu and repeat the above steps.