PC: The bonus games come in the form of a software installer. You first need to download that installer, available from the members area, by right clicking and selecting "save target as" or "save link as" and choosing where to download it to. Then you need to open it and run it.

When you run the software installer it saves all the bonus games to your program files in a folder named Rocket Piano. You only need to run the software installer once. If you run it more than once you will get the option to "repair" or "remove". If you are getting these options the bonus games have been saved to your computer. To access the bonus games go to your start menu, then click on My computer, then select the C drive or local disk, click on Program files and look for the folder of Rocket Piano. Open that folder and all the bonus games will be in separate folders. To open one of the bonus games click on the Macromedia projector icon and the game will load up.

MAC: The bonus games come in the form of a zipped folder which contains all the Bonus games files in their own folders. Most Macs will detect the file type and know what to do with it. If not, simply double click on the downloaded file to unzip the folder. All the Bonus game files are contained in their own folders. Click on the Macromedia icons to start each game.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Unfortunately some of the bonus software and games might not run properly on latest versions of Lion OSX. Lion has stopped supporting Power PC applications. We are hoping to update our bonus software and games later this year. Sorry about any inconvenience.